Bullet Planning: A collection of essential and functional tools to help you bullet plan. Pair an Appointed dot grid workbook with our favorite bullet planning tools to help you get organized and stay committed to your bullet planning endeavors.

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For The Bullet Planner - Gift Set - Appointed
For The Bullet Planner

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Dot Grid Workbook - Notebooks + Memo - Appointed
Dot Grid Workbook in Dove Gray

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Dot Grid Workbook
Dot Grid Workbook in Fern Green

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Le Pen -  - Appointed
Le Pen

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Mildliner Highlighter -  - Appointed
Mildliner Highlighter

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Micron Pens (0.25mm) -  - Appointed
Micron Pens (0.25mm)


Paper Tape -  - Appointed
Paper Tape


Prime Timber Pencil -  - Appointed
Prime Timber Pencil

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Eight-Color Crayon
Eight-Color Crayon

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Camel HB Pencil -  - Appointed
Camel HB Pencil

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Tombow Rectangle Eraser -  - Appointed
Tombow Rectangle Eraser

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Trusco Toolbox -  - Appointed
Trusco Toolbox