21-22 Planners & Calendars

When are 21-22 planners releasing? May 4, at 12pm EST
What 21-22 planner formats are available?
The 21-22 collection includes: 21-22 Year Task Planner, 21-22 Daily Planner, 21-22 Weekly Planner, 21-22 Monthly Planner and 21-22 Studio Calendar
Are there any new formats this year?
YES—We are happy to introduce the 21-22 Studio Calendar with this collection!
Are there any new colors this year?
YESlimited-edition Tea Green and Blossom Pink Year Task Planners.
When will 21-22 planners ship?
Most orders will ship within 2 business days. Orders with 21-22 Monthly Planners are expected to ship the week of May 17th. 
Why is there no preorder this year?
As we continue to grow, we've been able to better project inventory for dated planners. There will be no preorder this year, and most orders will ship in 2 business days. 
Do you have any planners for half a semester? YES! Our 6-Month Task Planner for July-December 2021.
Can I use my rewards points on my 21-22 planner purchase?
Absolutely! In fact, we recommend it 😉
Is there a gift with purchase this year?
YES—Every 21-22 planner purchase, while supplies last, will receive an Appointed tote!
Where can I order 21-22 planners internationally?
We ship internationally, using USPS International, UPS Worldwide and DHL. Planners will be available at select international retailers at the end of May.
When will 2022 planners release?
We will be releasing 2022 planners this Fall. Stay tuned for details!