FAQs - 20/21 Planner Preorder

When can I purchase a 2021 planner? 20/21 Academic Planners will be released for preorder on May 5th at 10am.
Why do you preorder? We preorder to ensure we get as accurate a production count as possible on limited-edition product. Dated planners are among our top-sellers and also one of the more costly products we produce. Offering preorder allows us to get a better estimate of quantities, before production begins.
When will my planner ship? Planners will begin shipping in June. You'll receive an email notification when your planner ships with your tracking information.
When does preorder end? Preorder week runs May 5 - May 9. During this time, the Academic Planner Collection is available at 15% off and includes a gift with purchase (but only while supplies last!). After May 9, planners will still be available for purchase and will still ship in June.
What if I order other products, in addition to a planner? If you order a planner before June shipping begins and order additional products in the same order, your entire order will ship together in June.
Can I use my rewards points and the discount on my planner purchase? Yes, and during preorder week you can combine your rewards points with the additional 15% off (no code needed!).
When will Calendar Year Planners release? Calendar Year Planners will release in August.
What Calendar Year Planners are releasing? The Calendar Year Planner Collection will include: 2021 Year Task Planner, 6-Month Task Planner (Jan-Jun 2021), 2021 Weekly Planner, 2021 Monthly Planner and 2021 Wall and Desk Calendars.
How long will planners be available? Planners will be available online at Appntd.com until we sell out. We typically sell out before the new year begins, and encourage ordering as soon as possible.
Are there new planner formats this year? Yes! New formats include the 20/21 Year Task Planner, 6-Month Task Planner, 2021 Weekly Planner, 2021 Monthly Planner.
What is the right planner choice for me? Still insure what planner is right for you? Email us at hello@appntd.com or chat us, and our team will gladly assist!