We are pleased to release our limited-edition collection to commemorate our 5th anniversary. Wood is the traditional gift of the half-decade mark, and sustainably-gathered Cedar was the inspiration behind this collection.

This top-bound notebook is a fitting tribute to our investment in both quality and care. Hand-bound using the best American-made, sustainable materials, this notebook is quintessential Appointed. 

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One of the core tenets of our brand is to source all material stateside, produce all Appointed products in the U.S. and work with partners that support these values. This limited-edition set of pencils is proudly made in America at a 100-year-old family-owned  factory.

For this set of 12 pencils, we chose a genuine incense-cedar—a superior performing and sustainably managed resource from the forests of California. 

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5th-Anniversary No. 2 Pencils